Live video stream recording of Duo with Olaf Hochherz (D) at Quite Que, berlin (10.6.10)



Fabs gallery photo documentation and information on artist in'(=p)ong(pong)Ba fime' Fabs Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 25.4.10 - 15.5.10 that I curated, link - fabs

Photos by Marion Auburtin

Benjamin Altermatt - Wodospad Brzeska (Waterfall Brzaska) Hydraulic pump, tubes, buckets, water, found material from Brzeska Street, plastic rope.

Felicity Mangan(speaker)- cardboard box, battery, pre-amp, magnets, copper coil, alligator clips, samples from Australian native animal archive, CD player.

Francesco Cavaliere - czulosc, a Vesuvio Miniature - earth, rope, weights, cup, stone, words.

Benjamin Laurent Aman - Mirage collectors (reconstitution) tape player, tape loop, headphones, wood, plexiglas, stone, black graphite, steel pipe, cardboard boxes, prints, spots.

Marcel T├╝rkowsky, When Faith Moves Objects - found objects, Speaker, paper. Ostary Hadeina Fauzan - Print