In January Unfathomless label will release 'Zeltini' recorded in Lativa in 2008 with Maksims Shentelevs, Eamon Sprod, John Grzinich, Kaspars Kalninsh and Felicity Mangan.

revenant : zeltini

‘revenant’ is an ongoing project with open membership that focuses on site-specific acoustic actions. All sounds originate from materials found in-situ, and from interactions with the space itself.

'There were some “dark” elements surrounding this session. It was mid-November in the Baltics which meant that it was cold, gray and the sun goes down early. By the time we entered the bunker and set up to record there was no natural light left to see. Trying to find a shared experience through improvisation among a group that is not familiar is hard enough, trying to do this in the dark in an unfamiliar place is even harder. Knowing we would be without visual and sometimes auditory communication because of the multiple spaces available I suggested to do a recording experiment, to each use our own equipment yet synchronize the timing at the start. If we were to get “lost” or immersed in our own experiences, it would be interesting to reassemble them later as a shared “fictional” space. This is indeed what we ended up with. Using only my ears and a headlamp to guide my way, I foraged through that unknown space collecting objects and playing them on the varied surfaces I discovered. I remember the old rags, the dust, broken pieces of concrete, pipes coming out of the ground and how I searched for ways to animate the space and instigate interactions with the others. Whether it was the quest for new objects or the need to stay warm I constantly moved around and even ended up outside toward the end. (John Grzinich)'
source =




Le Non_Jazz#1812::

samedi 18 décembre 2010




29, rue Maurice Berteaux
M° Porte de Choisy
94200 Ivry-sur-Seine


Performance at Max Ruf's solo exhibition Finissage “Intelligent And Well Thought-Out Actions To Ensure We Leave The Planet.”


Photos by Chan-Young Ramert



On the 9th of October I performed a sound and visual show with Emilia Kuryłowicz doing video at the 9th ANIMO International Puppet Festival in Kwidzyn, Poland. We playing in a Teutonic Knight castle
Here are some photos taken by Cezary Zacharewicz while we were setting up and performing.

Emilia Kuryłowicz

Peter Stec, Festival Director



Piece played and recorded at home in Berlin May,2010 for SlideSound(Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces)Melbourne, played back in slideSound in July/August,2010.
'Slide is an extremely small art space in the entrance to Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. For the duration of the year starting in March 2010 the space has been replaced by a speaker, and the visual art by sound. I have specifically chosen artists who address the particularities of the situation. Whether it be the long form, the location or the unusual social context of the space.' Curator Nathan Gray


Slidesound, Melbourne, 8/10 by Felicity Mangan

I recommend these for listening,,,travel, etc.

Collapsible cardboard mini-jack speakers
.from MUJI


30th of September


Annette Krebs (laptop, speakers)
Sabine Vogel (flutes, electronics)
Magda Mayas (clavinet)
Andrea Ermke (sampler, md-players)
Anat Cohavi (reeds)
Felicity Mangan (cd-players, speakers)
Tisha Mukarji (inside piano)
Asi Föcker (vocals, guitar)
Zelda Panda (dj-sets)


On 16/07 Black pedal presented a night in Tokyo..xNoBBQx(AU), Felicity Mangan(AU), jusei, The Mysteries of Love
at Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, Tokyo



Felicity Mangan


Live video stream recording of Duo with Olaf Hochherz (D) at Quite Que, berlin (10.6.10)



Fabs gallery photo documentation and information on artist in'(=p)ong(pong)Ba fime' Fabs Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 25.4.10 - 15.5.10 that I curated, link - fabs

Photos by Marion Auburtin

Benjamin Altermatt - Wodospad Brzeska (Waterfall Brzaska) Hydraulic pump, tubes, buckets, water, found material from Brzeska Street, plastic rope.

Felicity Mangan(speaker)- cardboard box, battery, pre-amp, magnets, copper coil, alligator clips, samples from Australian native animal archive, CD player.

Francesco Cavaliere - czulosc, a Vesuvio Miniature - earth, rope, weights, cup, stone, words.

Benjamin Laurent Aman - Mirage collectors (reconstitution) tape player, tape loop, headphones, wood, plexiglas, stone, black graphite, steel pipe, cardboard boxes, prints, spots.

Marcel Türkowsky, When Faith Moves Objects - found objects, Speaker, paper. Ostary Hadeina Fauzan - Print


Exhibition '(=p) ong (pong) Ba fime' with Felicity Mangan, Marcel Türkowsky, Francesco Cavaliere, Benjamin Laurent Aman and Benjamin Altermatt opened on the 25 of April until the 15th of May at Fabs gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
Documentation by Marion Auburtin and Release through Razzel Dazzel coming soon.


On the 3rd of April Me, Anthea Caddy (Australia) and Ki wa (Estonia) played at an event called 'Topofon' organised by Sven Vadar in Tartu, Estonia.

Ki wa, Anthea Caddy and Me
photo source from Sven Vabar's blog Sven Vabar 'professor Mayeri topofon'


Lisa Radford and Kati Rule

Special guest stars Dan Bell and Felicity Mangan with words by Fayen D'Evie.

Sutton Gallery Project Space, 230 Young Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Thursday 4th March
6pm - 8pm
Exhibition dates:
March 4th - 27th 2010
Project space hours:
Friday and Saturday 1pm - 5pm

Lisa and Kati will be in the space every Saturday, if you would like to pop in.

Sutton Gallery, project space


This week 'Three Locations' compilation was launched on Recorded Fields lable featuring toy.bizarre, Els Viaene, Tarab, Felicity Mangan and Klimek.

Source Recorded Fields Lable website:

A compilation of five rich and beautiful works, produced through a unique collaborative process, realized from fieldrecordings, yet sounding unlike a “fieldrecording compilation”, each track sounding very different to the others.

“Three Locations” is a project where each artist gave three field recordings, creating a pool of source material spanning the docks of Norway to mountains in southern Japan, from the French Atlantic Coast to an underground river tunnel hidden beneath Australia‘s urban depths. From this pool of frozen moments each artist was given three fieldrecordings in return with which to produce a piece in their own style, uncovering deeper connections and dramaturgies buried within these recorded locations.

For more information