Playing on Naba (belly button in Latvian) Radio in Riga, Latvia with Bernu rits and Gints
Thursday December the 11th at 24.00 in Latvia (9am Australian time,23.00 UK time) live streaming from www.naba.lv
performing on program 3rdear:
felicity mangan + gints + bernu rits

to try to connect to streaming - pick: TIESRAIDE (second on the right side of the circle) on the naba wedsite home page.


Last two days of Mooste - outdoors. (btw - I did the decoration myself)




Out for some fire wood


First day of snow


Floating forest.


Second Field Trip

On this day we went to lake Peipsi which is on the border of Estonia and Russia.

Photos of John, Eamon, Kaspar and Maksims playing around on this 'objekt' that was found near the lake.


First Field trip - Latvia

My First Field trip out from MoKS.
Yesterday John Grzinich (who is the media artist on site at MoKS) took us (me and Eamon Sprod - who is artist-in- residence at MoKS) to an old Soviet army base.
It was a raining, cold day. We drove from Mooste across the border into Latvia were the base was situated.
Apparently the base was still occupied until 1994, the building were striped and left to decay.

We were also meeting Maksims shentelevs and Kaspar who are member of the Bernurits (collective) a who were driving from their home town Riga, Latvia. The idea was to do some recordings together in a bunker that was on the site.


night walking..full moon at mooste

As the sun is fully out of sight from 4pm, nights are longer than l have ever experience before.
On the second night I went out wondering the area around MoKS,I took these photos in an area of old factories.


First day in Mooste/ at MoKS

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I am excited to be playing this show in Tokyo!!!

My Pal Mit Mit


I'll be play with Spartak (Shoeb Ahmad and Evan Dorrian) and Kusum Normoyle to form a Spartak Quartet.

(Below Source = http://exp-melb.blogspot.com/)

Over the first 2 Wednesdays in October Stutter will be presenting some audiovisual works amongst other performances as part of Digital Fringe

Next Wednesday the 1st of October @ Stutter...

  • Shoeb Ahmad / Kristi Monfries
  • Spartak Quartet
  • Kusum Normoyle
  • David Shea / Kristi Monfries

Shoeb Ahmad / Kristi Monfries - Shoeb Ahmad - Returning to Melbourne to launch his new release 'Sea Songs, Dead Ends And Sleeping Pills' (Sound&Fury) and it's companion on 'In The City' (hellosQuare), Stutter will see Shoeb explore extended improvisation using guitar and loops alongside preparations and found sound while navigating the naive songforms of his previous work.

Kristi Monfries' work is dedicated to a range of mediums that include collage work appropriation pieces, improvised and experimental music, single chanel video and live video improvisation in combination with musicians, print/design/web. Focused on an individual and whole artistic approach to living, feminine identity and sexuality, media gathering and re-invention.

This will be a first time collaboration between Canberra musician Shoeb Ahmad and ex Canberra visual/video artist Kristi Monfries.

Spartak Quartet - Spartak swell to a four tet for a special show in Melbourne to coincide with the Colony Room tour. Featuring Felicity Mangan (bass + electronics) and Kusum Normoyle (voice + electronics) alongside the duo of Shoeb Ahmad (guitar + loops) and Evan Dorrian (drums + percussion), expect some bustling noise alongside dysfunctional rhythms and microtonal whirr, somewhere between beautiful and retarded.

Kusum Normoyle - As a vocalist and electronic artist, Kusum's sound has developed a sympathy for broken language and communication technologies. She uses the outer limits of her voice, in combination with varying electronic media, broken instruments, radios, microphones to explore improvisation and vocal norms. A graduate from Electronic Arts at UWS, she is a practicing sound artist /musician in Sydney who has performed alongside Marcus Schmickler, Lawrence English, Jacques Soddell and Toy Bizarre amongst others.

David Shea / Kristi Monfries - Caves of the Silk Road: A solo sampler work based on the Buddhist stories of the ancient trading route from China to Turkey. Along the desert in China travelers would visit caves along the road which functioned as temples and devotional sites. Still filled with paintings, statues and layered in mythological stories I follow the path of a traveler in a solo sampler piece based on stories of three of the caves.

David's performance will also be accompanied with visuals by Kristi Monfries.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door


TCB gallery 10th year birthday.
On the 9th of August TCB gallery will be having an exhibition at the gallery followed by an after party at Hells Kitchen in the city.


Solo Dance performance by Phoebe Robinson.
Sound by Felicity Mangan and Sheldon King
Lighting Design by Ben Cobham and Adam Hardy.

For the last few months l have been working on the sound for this work.
It will be present from July 2nd-July 6th (July 2-5 8pm start July 6 5pm start) present at Dance House Upstairs Studio, Carlton, Melbourne. Cost $20/$15 members/conc.
Bookings: 9347 2860